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Những thiết kế nội thất sáng tạo, độc đáo mang đến sự trẻ trung và tràn đầy sức sống mới. Kỹ thuật sơn mài với độ hoàn thiện cao, thể tính truyền thống và thủ công Việt Nam với nhiều tông màu rất tinh tế và hiện đại.


Ping Pong atelier is a brand founded by architects and designers who studied and worked in Paris.

It is after many years abroad that they saw the beauty in their culture and made them establishing Pingpong in 2017.

Our design has a unique style, Modern at the same time classic line can be found. Associating traditional material (such as lacquer, wood, bamboo, rattan etc) and handicraft know-how in our furniture, we aim to bring the Vietnamese luxury back to the modern living style.

The product are carefully studied to put in value your home. Ping Pong Atelier will always be there to assist along your project.


Kim Tae in  is a Korean architect/designer. Borned in Korea and lived a part of his childhood in France. Studied in Hong-Ik university (Kor) and obtained Master and architect title(DESA) in École Special d'Architecture(ESA/Fr). Now he settled down from 2012 till now in Vietnam. All these experiences makes him at ease crossovering multiple culture.


*2013 - KIA.100 Architectes of the year (Korean Institute of Architects)


Nguyen Hoang Hiep is a Vietnamese architect/designer. He started studying interior/product design and transferred to École Special d'Architecture(ESA/Fr) to obtain Master and architect title(DESA). Feeling the need of an well planified urbanization in his country, he followed an urbanism formation (Le diplôme de spécialisation et d’approfondissement en architecture:DSA) at L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV/Fr). Due to these education, Nguyen Hoang Hiep has a large scale of knwoledge, from interior design to urban planning, which make him very polyvalent. 

Both studied together in École Special d'Architecture at Paris. After graduation they went their own way for a while before establishing Pingpong Atelier.

founder Kim Tae In and Nguyen Hoang Hiep

Our founder:  Kim Tae In  &  Nguyen Hoang Hiep

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